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Elevated plus maze

The Elevated Plus-Maze is used to assess anxiety-like behaviour in laboratory animals. The maze exploits the conflict between the innate fear that rodents have of open areas versus their desire to explore novel environments.


  • Available for rat or mouse.
  • Closed arm walls are held solidly in slotted base, but lift off for easy cleaning.
  • Grey, non reflective base plate.
  • Removable walls and legs mean the maze can be stored flat when not in used.
  • Further details : ANY-maze sales

  Lane Width Arm length Wall height Leg height Item Price*
Rat 10cm 50cm 40cm 40cm 60240 $2,195
Mouse 5cm 35cm 15cm 40cm 60140 $2,095

*Discount available if purchased with the ANY-maze video tracking system, request a quote by emailing ANY-maze sales. 14% surcharge for orders outside the USA or Canada. Shipping not included.